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Honoring Main Source’s Classic Golden Era Hip Hop Album


New York is more than just the birthplace of hip-hop; here in the five boroughs, a gritty underground rap scene flourished into its own community. In it, lyricists addressed intellectual topics and pressing social issues while beat makers experimented with sounds unfamiliar to the mainstream. It was for this community – carved out by the illest wordsmiths, DJs, and producers – that Main Source released Breaking Atoms.

Main Source, comprised of K-Cut, Sir Scratch, and rapper/producer Large Professor, released the conscious and experimental Breaking Atoms in 1991. The record went on to inspire an entire generation of producers and gave the world its first appearance of a then-unknown “Rapper Nas” from the Bridge on “Live at the Barbeque.” Deep tracks like “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball” and “Peace Is Not the Word to Play” spoke on the issues of pervasive police brutality and violence that are, some 30 years later, still relevant.

In creating this latest 33 HI, Ewing Athletics drew from the fantastic artwork on the cover of Breaking Atoms. Its surreal art style and punchy colors blended perfectly with the Ewing logo at the tongue to create something totally new and unique for this silhouette. Accented with premium suedes, this 33 HI rides atop atomic midsole details and icy purple outsoles.

“It is an honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with Patrick Ewing’s legendary shoe brand in support of three decades of Main Source’s Breaking Atoms album – a staple within 90’s hip-hop music culture,” says K-Cut. “The shoe’s design is inspired by the color scheme of the swirling atoms from the album cover artwork,” he continued. “This limited edition Main Source x Ewing 33 HI collaboration is a celebration of legendary status and a collector’s item!”

The Main Source x Ewing 33 HI ‘Breaking Atoms’ drops July 17 for $140 exclusively at in sizes 5-16.

Main Source Ewing 33 HI Breaking Atoms FEED-1

Main Source Ewing 33 HI Breaking Atoms FEED-2

Main Source Ewing 33 HI Breaking Atoms solo FEED-1

Main Source Ewing 33 HI Breaking Atoms solo FEED-2

Main Source Ewing 33 HI Breaking Atoms FEED-1-5

Main Source Ewing 33 HI Breaking Atoms heel FEED-1

Photography by Noah Goldowitz