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What Kind of Shoe Would Patrick Need to Compete in Today’s League?


If Patrick Ewing were playing in the NBA today what shoe would we build for him? For 2020, Ewing Athletics designed a modern sneaker worthy of Patrick’s athleticism. A departure from honoring the historic silhouettes #33 wore throughout his career, the 33 Hi 2.0 is an evolution of the iconic shoe people think of when they think Ewing.

The 33 Hi 2.0 is the brand’s first new model since Ewing Athletics was resurrected in August of 2012. By learning from Patrick’s design preferences  ̶  like his fondness for hightops  ̶  and studying the models he loved most, Ewing Athletics created something new. Informed by the bold lines of the ‘90s but sculpted to reduce weight, the 33 Hi 2.0 offers contemporary materials by way of modern, state of the art construction processes.

Built from a nearly seamless fused upper that sets it apart from the rest of the Ewing lineup, the 33 Hi 2.0 still manages to call back to the classic ‘90s shapes our fans know and love. Design cues like the bright red piping and grey panels follow the striking aesthetics of the original 33 Hi silhouette. The midsole offers plush, lightweight EVA instead of the usual PU that is true to the retro construction process. Adamant on hitting the hardwood in supportive hightops, the 33 Hi 2.0 features a frontal strap that secures the fit. It can be worn a number of ways, including hung off the ankle like other classic hightops, or removed entirely.

We hope fans enjoy this modern evolution of Patrick’s historic sneaker line. Stay tuned for more, including collaborations and celebrations, in the coming weeks.

Pricing: The Ewing 33 Hi 2.0 drops March 13 for $130 exclusively at

Ewing 33 Hi 2.0Ewing 33 Hi 2.0Ewing 33 Hi 2.0Ewing 33 Hi 2.0Ewing 33 Hi 2.0Ewing 33 Hi 2.0Ewing 33 Hi 2.0

Photography by Noah Goldowitz