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Thank You

Today is a special day as Hip Hop celebrates it's 50th birthday and we're extremely thankful for what today means to us as a brand but to also you the customer. This industry has it's ebbs and flows and we've been fortunate enough to weather every storm thrown at us. When we relaunched the brand in 2012 the industry experts told us we had two years (at best) and yet here we are in year 11 and we owe a lot of that to Hip Hop.

Hip Hop gave us a new lease on life, when the industry shifted to lifestyle and left us for dead it created an opportunity for us to carve out our own lane and we’ve been able to thrive because of it. We were one of the first brands to recognize how synonymous hip-hop and sneaker culture are — the relationship is symbiotic and while it’s become our bread and butter its also been a labor of love to be able to tell the stories of Hip Hop through the footwear lens. We're fans first and it's been our biggest honor to be able to give the legends of the game the flowers they desperately deserve.

Today we honor one of the greatest to ever pick up a mic, the God MC himself, Rakim with part two of our sneaker collaboration but the celebration doesn't end after today — it will continue for as long as we are a brand. There's so many more bouquets of flowers to give out and so many more stories that need to be told. Hip Hop forever.

Thank you Hip Hop and thank you to our customers who have embraced us through it all. 

With gratitude,

Your Ewing fam