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Ewing Athletics Unveils Exciting New 33 HI Sneaker Collabs: EPMD and Salt-N-Pepa

Ewing Athletics unveils two exhilarating collaborations that will transport you back to the golden age of hip-hop. Paying homage to the legendary music acts of yesteryears, Ewing Athletics presents the EPMD Multicolor "Business as Usual" and the Salt-N-Pepa White, Black, Red, and Green editions of the iconic 33 HI model. Each of these collaborations brings unique features and invokes a wave of nostalgia that make these sneakers an absolute must-have in your collection.

EPMD Multicolor "Business as Usual” 33 HI

Prepare to be engulfed in a wave of 90s nostalgia with the EPMD Multicolor 33 HI sneakers. Collaborating with the iconic hip-hop duo EPMD, Ewing Athletics captures the essence of their influential album, "Business as Usual." These sneakers embody the energy and unmatched creativity that defined EPMD.

The EPMD Multicolor sneaker features a blend of red, green, yellow, and black hues across the upper. This color scheme serves as a visual ode to EPMD's audacious music, making a bold statement with each step. The EPMD logo embellishes the tongue and heel, adding an authentic touch that pays homage to the group's unparalleled impact on the industry.

Salt-N-Pepa 33 HI

Oooh, baby, baby you're gonna want a pair of these. Get ready to turn heads with the Salt-N-Pepa White, Black, Red, and Green edition of the 33 HI sneakers. Joining forces with the legendary female hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa, Ewing Athletics delivers a collaboration that exudes empowerment and style.

These sneakers feature a striking color combination of white, black, red, and green, ensuring all eyes are on your feet. Salt-N-Pepa have pushed it real good as a trailblazing duo that changed the game for women in hip-hop. Credited for bringing fun fashion and femininity to hip hop, their unique and authentic style people pay attention to. The shoe features special branding, and logos along with a special commemorative box. The left shoe features "Salt" branding while the right shoe features "Pepa".

Why You Should Add a Pair of 33 HIs to Your Collection

Timeless Nostalgia:

The EPMD and Salt-N-Pepa 33 HI sneakers are a nod to the era of old-school hip-hop, allowing you to relive the cultural movements that shaped 90s hip-hop culture. Embrace the nostalgia, pay homage to the pioneers, and ignite conversations that celebrate the roots of the sneaker culture.

Unmatched Style

These collaborations give you an opportunity to give your sneaker game a retro flair. The EPMD and Salt-N-Pepa-inspired designs will elevate any ensemble, whether you're rocking streetwear or a classic look.

Exclusive Collector's Items

Limited edition collaborations are the crown jewels of any sneakerhead's collection. Owning a pair of EPMD or Salt-N-Pepa-inspired Ewing Athletics sneakers showcases your appreciation for the legends of music, the evolution of fashion, and the timeless impact they continue to have on our lives.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

Ewing Athletics sets the bar high when it comes to quality and durability. From premium materials to meticulous attention to detail, each pair of sneakers is crafted with the utmost precision. Both pairs of sneakers are available in men's sizes 5-16. To convert to women's sizing please go up 1.5 sizes.