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We proudly present the Rakim x #Ewing 33 HI. This shoe is the first of our series with legendary rapper Rakim and celebrates the anniversary of his debut album, Paid In Full, released on July 7th 1987. This collaborative sneaker was designed in conjunction with the @nationalhiphopmuseum and flaunts a premium suede upper in various colors inspired by the original album cover, matching album artwork highlights and special Rakim artwork packaging. One of the most influential rap albums of all time, Paid in Full only continues to grow in stature as the record that ushered in hip-hop's modern era. The stripped-down production might seem a little bare to modern ears, but Rakim's technique on the mic still sounds utterly contemporary, even state-of-the-art -- and that from a record released in 1987. Rakim basically invents modern lyrical technique over the course of Paid in Full, with his complex internal rhymes, literate imagery, velvet-smooth flow, and unpredictable, off-the-beat rhythms. On the anniversary of the albums release, we pay homage with a special 33 HI x @thegodrakim collaboration in conjunction with @nationalhiphopmuseum with special premium materials, branding and packaging designed by @chrisbmurray . Available now exclusively at