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Ewing x Cope 2 "Concrete Jungle" 33 HI

Born in 1968 as Fernando Carlo, Jr., the artist known as Cope 2 has a career that spans over 40 years. He is a self-taught graffiti artist who went from achieving "all city" status to being exhibited all over the globe. If you’re from New York, you’ve likely come across his signature tag at some point in your life, as he’s been throwing it up since the '80s. Even if you’re not from New York, Cope’s work has also appeared in countless publications, movies, and video games — prominently featured in Mark Ecko’s "Getting Up" and in GTA IV.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Cope on a unique rendition of our 33 HI — the sneakers feature an all-grey upper as a callback to concrete walls and green accenting to represent the urban jungle that is New York. Featuring the legendary Cope throw up on one shoe and a Ewing throw up on the other, the sneakers also showcase a clear, speckled sole that pays homage to graffiti drips. Lastly, the sneakers come in a special box designed for this collection. The Ewing x Cope 33 HI “Concrete Jungle” is now available on in sizes 5-16 but don’t be a toy and get caught sleeping as this piece is only available in limited quantities.