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Ewing X Yo! MTV RAPS x Viacom

YO! MTV RAPS was a two hour music video program that aired in the US from August 1988 to August 1995—what many people do not know is that it first aired on MTV Europe in 1987 a year before it came stateside. It was created by Ted Demme & Peter Dougherty and the basic idea of the show was to feature a mix of rap videos, interviews and live performances. The show was first hosted by Fab 5 Freddy and then later on by Doctor Dre and Ed Lover—after the original change Fab 5 would go on to host exclusively on the weekends. The show is credited with helping spread hip hop across the globe, it catapulted the genre to new heights as the show was aired in Europe, Asia and Latin America in millions of homes. The show featured the biggest artists at the time as guests, some of the long list of legends that came on the show include Public Enemy, RUN-DMC De la Soul, N.W.A, Eric B. & Rakim, LL Cool J, EPMD and the list goes on and on. The iconic YO! MTV Raps logo was created by graffiti artist Dr. Revolt and is instantly recognizable as soon as you see it even today. Although the show ended way back in 1995 the impact the show had on an entire genre of music is still felt more than 27 years after it last aired—as it influenced so many shows that came after it. To celebrate the history of Yo! MTV Raps and it's influence on music and fashion we have partnered with Viacom to produce a limited edition collection of sneakers that features two 33 HI's and two Rogue's to honor the show. Now available to order individually on our website:!+MTV+RAPS cop the collection before it sells out as there will be no reruns—consider this the finale. Peace!