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Celebrating the Classic Rap Album With a Rogue That’s As New York As It Gets


Here in New York we know who brought the real ruckus to rap: a hard-hitting hip-hop group from South Side, Queens, called Onyx. The group rocketed to global fame with their platinum album Bacdafucup and the hit single “Slam” is still considered one of rap’s most energetic tracks ever. In 1995, Onyx – then comprised of Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, and Sonny Seeza – released their second album All We Got Iz Us.

After 25 years, All We Got Iz Us may be even more relevant in 2020 than it was in ’95; while packed with hardcore and aggressive tracks, the album also discussed wealth inequality and the limited opportunities available for people in the hood. One of the album’s singles, “Last Dayz,” is particularly poignant for our current time in America; it detailed rampant police brutality, the economic ramifications of drugs, and the dangers of street life in Queens.

“Last days is what we living in right now so the timing is perfect for this,” says Fredro. “For this Ewing shoe we went back to where Onyx came up – 131st and Rockaway Blvd. These were the streets where we dreamed of getting out the hood, the streets where people got shot and sold drugs, where we learned to fight and learned to be men. It’s South Side for life – matter of fact, NYPD arrested us on 131st when we were shooting ‘Da Nex’ video,” recalled Fredro.

This Ewing Rogue flaunts a grey, red, and black colorway inspired by the All We Got Iz Us album cover. “Onyx has the best logo in hip-hop, Ewing has the best shoe in hip-hop, so this is a classic,” continued Fredro. “Ewing played for the Knicks, but we were rocking with him since the Georgetown days – I don’t even know how many orange and blue joints I had. Onyx partnering with Ewing is that New York. Can’t get more New York than this.” Onyx’s last album, Onyx 4 Life, is coming October so stay tuned.

The Onyx x Ewing Rogue 'All We Got Iz Us' drops August 24 for $140 exclusively at Ewing in sizes 5-16.

Ewing Rogue Onyx all we got iz us

Ewing Rogue Onyx all we got iz us 1

Ewing Rogue Onyx all we got iz us

Ewing Rogue Onyx all we got iz us

Ewing Rogue Onyx all we got iz us

Photography: Marcus Stevens / Words: Noah Goldowitz