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Ewing x Ace Ventura x Mache "Dolphins" Rogue

Five years ago, we collaborated with the then sneaker customizer, now footwear designer, Mache (pronounced MOSH) and dropped the Ace Ventura 33 HI to much success. Due to extraordinary demand, its a shoe we've had to restock several times since inception. The release did so well that we often wondered if it made sense to do another shoe, considering that sequels rarely have the same impact as the original but as fate would have it 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of both the Ace Ventura movie and of our Rogue model so given these significant milestones we decided it only made sense to run it back and revisit the concept. Although we recognize the challenges with surpassing the success of the original, we think It's safe to say that this is indeed one of those rare times where the sequel might just be better than the original but we'll leave that up to you to decide. Remember, Laces out!